Know the Pet Laws to be a Good Pet Owner


Taking care of pets isn’t neglected by pet lovers. However, to become a responsible pet owner especially of dogs you need to consider certain rules stated by State Law for the well being of the pets and to aid pet owners to remain stress free.

Here are few laws you must follow –

  • Age limit to buy a pet:
    • While buying dogs or other kind of land animals, the age of the buyer should be above 16. Normally, adults buy pets in their name even if the pet is looked after by their kids. In some states, when you become the owner of the pet, and unfortunately if the pet dies within days of purchase, the shop keeper needs to refund the purchased amount or provide another pet of same kind.
  • Installing micro chips.
    • You can lose your pet any time anywhere, to be safe installing micro chip is the best option. Any dog above the baby age like more than eight weeks old can be micro chipped with ease. Thus, they get registered in data base and you can easily trace its whereabouts if unfortunately the pet gets lost. In some states, if dog is found without a microchip, the owner is fined.
  • Pet caring rules to follow.
    • While owning a pet the owner of it is solely responsible to take care of it. The person needs to provide food as accordance to their diet, keep them in well safe place and in case of illness need to contact the vet and provide the necessary medications as well. If not taking care of pets adequately may lead to stay in prison.
  • Providing all the medical support.
    • The prime work of every pet owner is to take utmost care of the animals. Visiting a skilled professional vet is the duty of the pet owner. Pets especially dogs need to be vaccinated and given proper nutrition for their growth. If the vet isn’t providing your pet the required medical care, you can anytime complain.

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