Preventing Canine Attacks as a Pet Owner


While many individuals regard dogs as affectionate companions known for their unwavering love and loyalty, it’s essential to recognize that this perception isn’t universal. Across the nation, there are numerous people who harbor reservations about dogs, and their concerns are often justified. Every year, 4.5 million Americans experience dog bites, with young children being the most frequent victims.

Dogs may resort to their natural instincts and act defensively for various reasons, especially when placed in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. That’s why it’s crucial for both dog owners and dog enthusiasts to be prepared and well-informed on how to manage an aggressive canine. Van Sant Law has crafted a concise infographic outlining the myriad factors that can trigger a dog to become aggressive and attack, along with steps you can take to prevent such incidents.

For further insights on this subject, please consult the provided handbook.

Infographic courtesy of Van Sant Law, a firm specializing in Atlanta personal injury lawyers

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