Why Do You Need a Criminal Attorney in Scottsdale to Fight Drug Charges?


Getting arrested for drug charges in Scottsdale can turn out to be a nightmare. With the Scottsdale Police Force increasingly enforcing Arizona’s stringent laws and penalties on the city’s residents, proving your innocence or getting away from the drug charges will remain a lost dream if you don’t have a criminal attorney by your side.

The only way to get a chance at freedom is by working with an experienced criminal attorney Scottsdale. Read more to know how the attorneys help fight drug charges.

They Will Give You an Idea About Possible Outcomes

Scottsdale follows Arizona’s laws concerning drug usage, possession, and distribution. According to these laws, it is a crime to hold or use illegal drugs. If you are found to be under the influence of any prohibited drugs, you will be charged with felony drug possession. The penalties can range from jail time to fines, and it can be hard to understand how different sentences work.

Working with an attorney will be beneficial to you, especially if you are guilty of the crime. Experienced criminal attorneys from Scottsdale will give you a clear picture of different defenses and their outcomes.

With an experienced criminal attorney by your side, you no longer have to dread a negative outcome.

They Understand the Local Laws Better

This is one of the most important reasons to hire a professional criminal attorney in Scottsdale. The local lawyers with experience working on the local laws will have a good idea about how the Arizona judicial system works.

As understanding legal systems can be pretty complex to many, experienced criminal attorneys are the only ones who know the details of the proceedings happening at the Scottsdale Police Department and Scottsdale City Court. With the help of the details, the attorney will guide you through the process in a better way.

Rather than facing the court proceedings alone, having an inside man, a criminal attorney from Scottsdale, by your side will do wonders.

Experience in Dealing with Similar Drug Charge Cases

Not all drug charges get the same type of penalty or sentencing in Scottsdale. According to the Arizona Drug Laws, the fines for drug possession solely depend on the type of substance used and the involved person’s criminal history.

Only an experienced criminal attorney in Scottsdale will be able to help you find the exact nature of your charges. So, while hiring an attorney, check whether they have been practicing criminal and drug defense throughout their career.

To Protect Your Future

According to the Arizona Statutes, those charged with drug crimes in Scottsdale can face any of the following penalties.

  • Class 4 felony – Minimum of $750 fine and 2.5 years jail time
  • Class 2 felony- Minimum of $750 fine and five years jail time
  • Class 3 felony – Minimum of $750 fine and 3.5 years jail time

Other than these, the courts also give out other stringent penalties based on the nature of the crime. Long jail time can ruin your chances of leading an everyday life.

If you work with a criminal attorney, he will get your charges reduced and can also keep the charges off the criminal record, thereby protecting your future.

When charged with a drug crime in Scottsdale, Arizona, you must consult with a criminal attorney who handles Scottsdale cases regularly. Reach out to an attorney immediately and save yourself from serving harsh sentences.

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