Which is easier, the ACT or the SAT?


Many people have questions, which one is easier to study in the US? ACT or SAT? Although the two exams have different focuses on the content of the survey, for Chinese students, students with high scores on the SAT and TOEFL can also get ACT high scores. The standardized test has its routines. Students with good learning ability can look forward to an exam and get it. If there is no test, the SAT can reach 1550, but the ACT can only get 15 points.

In China, the SAT is more widely recognized. The number of applicants per year is also much higher than ACT. The reason why the influence of the domestic ACT has been lower than the SAT is because the former is a knowledge test, while the latter examines the skill.

The domestic atmosphere has also caused cognitive misunderstandings. For domestic training institutions, they are better at training such as SAT. Through the corresponding targeted training, sea tactics and “machine” training, the training institutions have more advantages in preparing for the SAT. These institutions also exaggerated the influence of the SAT test to some extent. Based on the recent changes in cheating and the resulting instability, students who have not yet started preparing for these two exams are advised to fully understand the ACT and prepare for the ACT is a fairly secure option.

At present, the ACT test has been opened in many places in mainland China. Candidates can take the GAC course at the test center and then take the ACT as a “final” exam for the GAC course. However, if students do not want to participate in the GAC course, they can also go directly to the ACT test in Hong Kong or other countries. The ACT test is suitable for students who have the following characteristics: the advanced vocabulary is weak, the math problem cannot be used without a calculator, the grammar logic is relatively poor, and the bias is different in different sections to test different subjects and topics, and is good at experimental design and topic. Analytical, writing has a very strong personal opinion.

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