When do you really need a Stockton car accident lawyer? 


An ill-fated car accident in Stockton has left you with injuries and unexpected financial distress. California is an at fault state. The party responsible for the accident should be held liable for their action and must pay compensation to the victim(s) (typically through insurance). Filing an insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurer and winning a fair settlement shouldn’t be hard in the model world. So, do you need to hire a Stockton car accident lawyer? In this post, we are sharing the possible reasons to get legal counsel. 

The obvious advantages

Hiring a lawyer does have a few benefits for any person injured in an auto accident. First and foremost, your accident lawyer can help in investigating the case, so that fault and liability can be established. They can help in understanding the true worth of your claim, what you should expect in settlement, and other aspects. Also, your lawyer can help with insurance claim, ensure that you have enough evidence to get the settlement, and can even negotiate with the insurance company. Many people hire an attorney for this reason alone. 

When you definitely need a lawyer

  1. When you have fault. California is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that if you had a share in fault, your compensation will be reduced by your fault percentage. However, you can still ask for settlement, even when your fault share is more than 50%, or higher than the other party. The insurance company can actually use your fault to minimize your claim, and an attorney can protect your interests. 
  2. When your injuries and losses are serious. Compensation for the car insurance claim is expected to cover your medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, and other losses. However, if negotiations with the insurance company doesn’t work, or the settlement isn’t enough for your losses, you will need a lawyer to take things further. Your lawyer can guide on filing a personal injury lawsuit. 
  3. When there is no clarity on fault. Such accidents are worst. You may not remember what had happened, and other drivers may have their ideas of possible causes. In such circumstances, hiring a lawyer is tremendously necessary. Lawyers know what it takes to investigate auto accidents and they can fight for your settlement. 

Most attorneys in Stockton take car accident bases on a contingency basis, and often, you can get free case evaluation. Meet an attorney soon after the car accident. 

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