What can be identified as nursing home negligence?

What can be identified as nursing home negligence?

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If the nursing home staff fails to demonstrate proper care towards the patients, that can be identified as nursing home negligence. In order to protect adults and disabled individuals who have become residential patients in nursing homes from negligence and potential abuse, various laws are introduced by the Canadian government.

The truth is that the needs of elderly patients in nursing homes are often oversight by the staff. If the staff doesn’t have the required type and amount of training, there is a huge potential for negligence. In addition to that, such unfortunate incidents can happen if the staff members are exhausted as a result of overworking. Whichever the cause is, nursing home negligence can create various health complications for the elderly, helpless patients who reside in the facility.

No matter whether it has happened intentionally or unintentionally, the outcome of a nursing home negligence can be very dangerous. This is particularly true because the patients are elderly and unable to care for themselves even with the basics.

Mentioned below are some of the instances that can fall into the category of nursing home negligence.

  • Poor or inappropriate management of medication (administering a wrong medicine or wrong dosage of medicine).
  • Failure to demonstrate proper care. If the staff fails to reposition a patient who cannot move by himself in a timely manner, the patient will experience bedsores and various other annoyances.
  • Forgetting a patient either intentionally or unintentionally and making them feel isolated without any social contact.
  • Failure to provide proper nutrition especially by skipping their meals. Also, failure to provide the right amount of nutrients as recommended.
  • Failure to keep the patients hydrated properly by providing adequate amounts of liquids every day.
  • Failing to prevent falls which are not rare among the residents of nursing homes. These falls can often end up causing injuries.

In the event of a nursing home negligence, you can proceed to take legal action against the respective nursing home. In fact, the rights and needs of an elderly person must not be ignored under any circumstance.

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