Tips on How to Choose a Lawyer You Can Trust


Law as an industry doesn’t always have a good reputation, but this doesn’t mean finding a trusted lawyer isn’t possible.One of the best ways of finding a lawyer you can trust is to ask yourself a few key questions. Read on to find out more on how to choose trusted lawyers in Melbourne

How Do You Feel About Complete Disclosure?

In matters of law, you’re required to be completely honest with your lawyer about your financial and family position as well as any bad behaviour you might have indulged in that could affect the outcome of the case. It’s much better that you tell your lawyers in Melbourne the good, the bad and the ugly so they can take defensive action if necessary and prepare for the worst. The last thing you want to do is keep any secrets from your lawyers because you feel ashamed. This goes right to the heart of choosing a lawyer you can trust – could you imagine telling them about all your dirty laundry without flinching? Your lawyers are going to be privy to your most private business, so you want to choose someone who is empathetic yet also on the ball and business-like when necessary.

What Kind of Communication Do You Expect?

It pays to communicate about communication early on in the client-lawyer relationship. If lawyers in Melbourne offer you a free or low-cost initial session, make the most of it and ask all the questions that are running through your mind, including details of how, why and when you will be contacted. There is no absolute standard when it comes to communication – some people might think certain lawyers communicate too much, while others might think they lack frequency when it comes to communication. This is why it’s important to get specific when you talk to a potentialabout how you want to be contacted. Don’t leave such important things to chance or personal preference on the part of the lawyer.

What is Their Reputation?

When you’re thinking of going with certain lawyers in Melbourne, you need to be sure that they have a good reputation. One way of ascertaining this is to conduct an online search for their firm and to see what reviews have been left by past clients. Another way is to ask the lawyers themselves for referee details of past clients so you can check what their results were.  You can also see if the lawyers you have in mind are a member of any industry associations which can speak to greater legitimacy in their field and a desire to improve.

What is Your First Impression of Them?

First impressions can convey a lot about a person, so make sure to pay attention to what your lawyers in Melbourne are telling you with their body language as well as their spoken language. What is the subtext in the situation? Do they keep you in the waiting room for an hour (subtext – our time is more important than yours)? Do they talk over you or talk down to you? Or are they personable, likeable and keen to help you? Your intuition will be your best friend when it comes to understanding the first impression lawyers make on you, so make sure you listen to it.

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