Should You Contact a Lawyer After You Have a Car Accident?

Should You Contact a Lawyer After You Have a Car Accident?

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The question of whether to call an attorney after a car accident is a common one. Many people feel that contacting the car insurance company is enough to get them by. However, there are several reasons that contacting an attorney might just be the best step to take. Here’s some information on why you might want to get in touch with one after your car accident.

Neglect May Be Involved

A large portion of automobile accidents involves neglect in some way or another. For example, neglect is prevalent if an accident occurs because one of the drivers ignored traffic rules. Neglect is also present when a driver crashes into another driver because of distracted driving, such as texting while driving. You might be eligible for a settlement if the other driver committed any of these offenses, and it contributed to the crash. Furthermore, you may be eligible for a settlement if a manufacturer defect caused your accident. Manufacturers have to notify their customers of problems and recalls. The law holds them accountable when customers have accidents because of defects they didn’t report.

You Might Be Entitled to Compensation

The compensation you can receive by getting help from attorneys like the ones at Allen Accident Law can be astronomical. You might receive the funds you need to pay all of your hospital bills and treatment. You might also receive enough compensation to pay your rent and recover the wages you lost because you couldn’t work while you were recovering from your injury. It might be well worth it for you to contact an attorney and at least schedule an appointment for a consultation.

You Could Receive Additional Funds

You might be entitled to additional funds if your case involves an extreme case of neglect. These funds are called punitive damages, and they serve two purposes in a personal injury case. First, they deter the other party from engaging in neglectful activities in the future. Secondly, they provide the plaintiff with additional funds to make up for their pain and suffering. The plaintiff can use those funds for any reason that he or she desires. You could build an entirely new life with the funds you get from a personal injury case after an automobile accident.

What to Do if You’re in a Car Accident

It’s important to speak to an attorney as quickly as possible after a car accident. The first steps you should take are gathering evidence, contacting the police, and getting medical attention. After that, you should call a reputable attorney’s office and schedule a consultation. You’ll need to bring with you as much information about the accident as possible. That includes bringing your medical bills, diagnoses, treatment plans, police reports, work disability papers, and the like. That way, the attorney can assess your case and let you know if it will be worth it for you to have them go full blast on your representation.

How to Get Help With Your Case

The attorney will let you know after your consultation if you qualify for representation. He’ll explain the payment scale and how it works. You might be entitled to contingency representation. That will allow you to refrain from paying the attorney until the attorney wins your case for you. Even if contingency representation is unavailable, the attorney might still be able to offer you something like a payment plan that you can easily afford. You’ll never know until you schedule your appointment and have your first conversation with the provider. Do it as soon as you can and start your case today.

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