Online Divorce in California| What to Know?


Who should file for Online Divorce?

Getting a divorce may not be always difficult. For couples who want to separate mutually and agree on division of assets, spousal support and child custody, if applicable; an online divorce is an easy, quick and affordable way.  In the case that you and your spouse have some issues which you haven’t agreed on, then it is better to involve an attorney.

There are online apps and websites available where you can file your paperwork yourself, instead of hiring a divorce attorney. They have a simple process, where you are given a step by step guide explaining the divorce process. There are simply questions asked in a way which is easy to understand and answer. After entering the relevant information, the divorce papers are generated automatically. In an online divorce, instead of involving and paying lawyers to negotiate for you, you conduct the entire procedure yourself.

You have to submit information about both you and your spouse, your residential address, children if any, assets or debts if any and all other relevant information. Some of these websites have a team of qualified professionals to review you papers and ensure that online divorce forms are valid in all states. Any invalid paperwork is not admissible in court so you must be careful while filling in information.

By filling for a divorce online you will save the attorney fee and your time as you don’t need to take attorney appointments. Secondly, you can go through this uncomfortable process from the comfort of your house rather than a full courtroom. These are the main reasons why more and more people are opting for online divorce nowadays.

Under what conditions you must not file for an online divorce?

In the case where you and your spouse cannot agree on certain important issues, an online divorce is not recommended. Involving an attorney for a contested divorce is necessary as such a case might require a trial. You may want to hire an attorney in cases, where you may have a lot of assets involved or if you or your spouse has child custody or support disagreements.

Use of online sites in such cases is not practical and not recommended. Also, filing for a divorce online does not mean that you won’t end up in court. There are chances that after reading the information the judge might speak to you and your spouse. This sometimes happens in cases where children are involved.

Before you file any information online, you must check for a legal and reputable website as there are scam online divorce websites too.

Before filing for divorce papers online, ensure that your spouse has agreed to your terms relating to division of assets, child support and custody and more. Make sure to fill in all the correct details so that the process can be hassle-free. An online divorce can protect you and your family from the emotional trauma of a divorce process, not to forget reduced cost and expedited procedure.

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