Immediate Actions to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury


The important thing about slip and fall injury is that they can happen anywhere, at any time (including the workplace). Unfortunately, this means most of the time it is not even an individual’s fault. By law homes, buildings, parking lots, outdoor breezeways have to have their areas maintained to make sure they can all be traveled safely. Premises liability is also required for those situations where it will be called upon.

Let’s go over a few actions to take if you ever happen to be in a slip and fall scenario.

Don’t Delay Medical Treatment

As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you or someone you love is in a slip and fall accident, don’t put off getting a medical examination. Your doctor can have things properly documented and have records if you decide to go after compensation.

Report The Accident Immediately

Your best bet is to get a hold of the owner, manager, or landlord to give me details about what happened. Take pictures and get things in writing the best you can. Documenting the FACTS of the incident is very important.

Be Exact When Documenting The Incident

Swiftly, and in a detailed manner, be sure to get the names, phone numbers addresses, email addresses of anyone that happened to witness the event. If any eyewitnesses want to give any statements it could be helpful when you file a claim. Be sure to jot down all other details such as where and when you fell, how you felt, and what were the conditions that caused you to have a slip and fall injury.

Be Careful of Your Personal Statements

When you report the incident to a manager, or owner of the property be calm, and don’t state all the details until you have spoken to an insurance company. A major word of caution is to not take any of the blame for what happened, and don’t place any blame on them.

This is especially important when you have relationships with the manager or owner of the property. You might feel it is safe to be very open with your personal statement and share your opinions. You never know how people will respond when it comes to the need to cover themselves. You do not want to do or say anything that could work against you

Get Someone To Fight For You

Slip and fall injuries can be a tough one to deal with when it comes to legal action. It can be challenging to prove your case. Other complexities might make it hard for you to wage the battle on your own. When you have an attorney, all of that weight gets lifted off your shoulders and the process becomes much more manageable.

 If you have recently experienced a slip-and-fall injury, or know someone who has, explore your options for slip and fall injury legal counsel. You don’t have to suffer from an on-the-job injury alone. A professional can help you determine if you are eligible for temporary disability assistance and medical treatment. Plus, with many legal services, if you don’t win you the case, then you don’t pay! Locate a lawyer that has your best interests in mind.

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