Hurt In A Bicycle Accident? Recover Compensation Now!

Hurt In A Bicycle Accident? Recover Compensation Now!

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When you get hit by a passenger car while bicycling, it can leave you with severe injuries. The car driver usually walks away without damage, while the cyclist has to spend several weeks in a hospital bed. You may become disabled and be unable to go to work for an extended period. It is only natural to wonder if you are entitled to any compensation. 

The short answer is yes; you can recover compensation after a bicycle accident if the other party is at fault. If another driver hits you, they should be held accountable for their actions. However, the amount of compensation will ultimately depend on the facts of your case. Speak to Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyers to determine an estimate. 

Damages you can recover is a bicycle accident. 

  • Medical costs. 

If you have suffered injuries that have led to medical costs, you can recover the money spent by the responsible party. You should file a claim even if your injuries were not very severe, as most minor injuries can also attract a medical bill of at least a few hundred dollars. After all, you were not responsible for your injuries. You should not have to bear their costs. 

If your injuries require you to get future treatments, you can recover those damages as well. You can show your medical report as evidence where your doctor has stated that you need additional care. 

  • Lost wages. 

If you have gotten hurt in the accident, you will certainly need some time off from work to heal your injuries. Even if it is just a week, you could lose a lot of money. Thankfully, you can claim your lost earnings from missing work through the “lost wages” damage. The at-fault party is supposed to compensate you for the income you missed while you were recovering. 

To prove that you have lost income, you need to gather the following evidence: 

  • Past pay stubs
  • Former tax returns
  • Employer statements
  • Bicycle repair bills. 

Although a bicycle would not cost to get repaired as much as a motor vehicle, it is still important to recover your damages from the responsible party instead of paying it for yourself. You should not have to pay anything from your pocket when your attorney can bring compensation for you. 

Take your bicycle to a reputed repair shop in Salt Lake City and get an estimate of the repairs. Ask the owner to provide you with the estimate document for evidence. If the bicycle is too damaged, you can recover the costs of buying a new one. 

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