Here’s How Business Lawyers Can Help Your Startup!


As a startup founder or small business owner, you are probably wondering – ‘Do we really need to work with a business lawyer?’. Corporate lawyers and attorneys do more than just handling lawsuits and legal matters. If you check the work profile of top Bay Area business lawyers, you will find that many of them are working with startups and new companies on a regular basis.  In this post, we are sharing more on how business lawyers can help startups in particular.

  • The initial work. Setting up a startup needs more than just money. Your business lawyer is your asset for registering the company, so that you can keep up with the norms, regulations, and investor due diligence.
  • Many business lawyers have the experience of assisting clients with funding, while ensuring compliance at the same time. They can also introduce your business to venture capitalists and interested investors.
  • Most business lawyers also have experience with sales, SaaS agreements, service agreements, and drafting relevant policies, like privacy policy, which can propel your business into action immediately.
  • You can also take help from business lawyers for your HR processes. From creating offer letters, to drafting internal laws and ensuring compliance with employment laws, your law firm will handle it all.

  • With business lawyers, you can focus on management and protection of intellectual property, especially copyrights. Businesses that work in a niche sector often have to rely on legal experts to keep their operations going.

Finally, let’s not forget that business lawyers are handy & important for compliance with data privacy laws. Truth be told, rules, laws and regulations governing startups across different sectors are changing constantly, and as a business owner, you would rather focus on your business than chase these changes, which are as important.

Finding business lawyers

There are many known corporate law firms in Bay Area, but not all work with startups, so do your homework. Make sure that they can help and offer assistance with all the relevant aspects we just mentioned, and keep them in the loop with regards to business expansions, so that you remain in sync with the laws and don’t make an expensive mistake. Your business lawyers will also ensure that legal matters are handled in time, and in case of lawsuits, they will do whatever it takes to minimize the damage.

To know a corporate law firm better, do check their clientele and services in detail.

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