Do You Want to Choose Whistleblower Lawyer for Your Case? Follow These Tips


Normally, people prefer to choose a whistleblower lawyer from the internet. However, often it has been seen that on the website they may misrepresent the experience about their lawyers.

Therefore, while choosing any lawyer from Halunen Law firm, you must follow these tips.

  • Success rate with whistleblower cases

You need to ensure that the whistleblower lawyer that you have chosen has taken up many successful cases so that you can have better confidence on him.

You may also ask the lawyer about the detail of the case so that you can relate with your case.

  • Area of expertise of the lawyer

Though the website of the law firm or lawyer may project himself as successful whistleblower lawyer but you need to ensure that he really have got the experience in such case that you have to fight.

  • Check the list of cases the whistleblower lawyer had fought

It is important to ask the lawyer about the list of cases that he has fought so far which is similar to your case. Make sure that the list of cases that are presented by him are favorably decided and not just are in progress.

  • Whether choose a law firm or individual lawyer?

There are pros and cons of both the options however you need to consider the law firm that you have chosen or the lawyer that you have chosen are experienced in taking up the case that is similar to your case.

If you are choosing any lawyer from website then make sure that you know their actual address of location.

  • Relationship with government

Any whistleblower has to fight a case in close coordination with government agency so that he can get the access to important information that may be relevant to the case.

The government also has important roles in such cases and therefore maintaining a positive working relationship is very essential.

  • Location

Make sure that your lawyer is nearby so that his travel cost of commuting to fight your case can be less.

  • Resources of lawyer firm

Usually, such whistleblower case may drag for a very long time and also it can also be quite expensive. Therefore, the law firm that you choose must be resourceful enough to fight your case till the last.

  • Payment terms

You need to discuss with the law firm or the lawyer about the payment terms before you select to take up your case.

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