Digital Marketing: Google Ads For Lawyers And Other Tools To Accelerate Results


As stated earlier, digital marketing planning for lawyers should be interpreted as a medium-long-term result strategy, depending on their consistency and dedication to the matter. However, there are ways to “accelerate” access to your content using tools that provide so-called “boosts or sponsored links,” as we will see below.

If you choose to invest resources in the media using Grow Law Firm for instance, consider that the so-called “searchers” (in Brazil, Google is the 1st and YouTube is the 2nd most used) tend to generate a more significant return if there are people actively seeking answers on legal issues. The reason is relatively simple: it is more efficient to deliver information when a person is looking for it than to impact them on social media (the chances of distraction and loss of focus are much more significant).

To invest in Google Ads, the ideal is that you already have your legal website and the contents adequately published. Build your ads valuing the solutions and differentials of your office, always considering the chosen keywords. In this article, you can extract insights for killer ads!

Observe all the indicators displayed by the tool; it is from it that you will get the best insights to optimize your ad score from 0 to 100, influencing your ad delivery, cost of words, and campaign efficiency.

In a simplified way, the result in a Google Ads campaign comes from the number of clicks on your ad (efficiency measured through the CTR in your campaign = number of times it appears x clicks). And, from the clicks that result in access to your website, record the number of influential contacts; in this way, you will know if the campaign and the website are generating the value expected by the customer and which, consequently, will result in business opportunities.

The Google Ads tool is a world apart from the digital marketing universe; in it, thousands of settings and strategies are possible that optimize your results. We recommend improving through several articles on the internet and courses/consultancy with professionals specialized in the sector. When it comes to boosting social networks, we highlight the three boosting tools and some peculiarities:

YouTube – the YouTube Ads tool is inside the Google AdWords tool (remembering that Google owns YouTube). Remember that the form of disclosure is similar to those you already see when watching videos on YouTube, those of the 5-second “commercial” type that allows you to skip and proceed to the video in question.

The logic is similar to sponsored links in Google AdWords, choosing from the target audience to other characteristics related to your persona. YouTube is not usually a platform used for sponsored ads by lawyers precisely because of the difficulty in recording attractive videos in a few seconds that do not constitute commercialization.

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