Digital Marketing For Law Firms

Digital Marketing For Law Firms

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Online marketing for law firms, except for exceptions, is often the last item on the strategic action checklist. However, efficient marketing planning is essential and the primary strategy to keep your office competitive in front of other competitors in the segment.

1 – Use Remarketing

Sometimes people will go to your website, look and leave. Because? Often because they are not ready to make a purchase decision (or contact, in the case of a service company). When searching for a lawyer or office, this becomes even more relevant, as it is common for the user to keep the options open, browsing different websites before making contact.

During this shopping journey, you need to keep in mind that audience, keeping your office in evidence, with the visual identity highlighted. The best way to do this is through remarketing, which allows ads to continue appearing to the target audience while browsing other pages. This is very common for online stores and very efficient for law firms.

2 – Create quality content for your website

Law firm websites often have technical and extremely tiring content, which seems to have been written exclusively for other lawyers to read! The first step in ensuring engagement and good positioning in search engines is to have more friendly content, which the target audience can share, which can help create external links to your office.

Before creating new content for the site, think about how much it can help your target audience, how easy it is to read, and make sure that it will serve as answers to your customer’s questions (the less technical, the better!).

3 – Use Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing can be an excellent strategy for relating and growing a company, including a law firm. But to work, you need to send quality content (previous topic) and in a well-targeted way, sending what is relevant to each audience you work for.

One of the most efficient ways to create targeted email lists is through the website itself, creating forms for visitors to subscribe to the newsletter and receive news from the office based on their profile. More than that, offer an immediate tangible benefit, like an eBook (segmented), access to a webinar, or any other exciting privilege.

In addition to sending a targeted newsletter, you can create automation flows to help specific audiences. For example: If a user subscribes to your newsletter from an article on income tax, he can automatically start receiving emails with other articles from the office within that topic at regular intervals.

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