Choosing a Trial Attorney


Before hiring a trial attorney, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. A trial attorney specializes in representing their clients through pre-trial proceedings and prepare them for trial.

Experienced trial attorneys also understand the need to defend their clients during trials. Insurance and cruise lines know that a trial attorney will fight hard on behalf of his or her client in order to defend his/her rights and best represent his client’s best interests.


Experience is of critical importance when selecting an attorney; however, years in practice do not always indicate their level of expertise or skill. New York trial attorney Ross Cellino has the experience needed.

Trial attorneys require excellent analytical abilities in order to assess pieces of evidence and analyze relevant judicial decisions that support their clients’ claims. Furthermore, they should possess excellent communication and oratory abilities so they can tell a compelling narrative about their client’s case in front of both judge and jury.

Trial lawyers must possess excellent time management abilities in order to gather all of the necessary information before the trial date, possess a keen eye for detail, and persuasion skills which enable them to convince juries that their side is superior – which they demonstrate through opening statements and closing arguments. It takes years of experience for trial lawyers to develop these necessary abilities.


As it’s essential to thoroughly vet an attorney’s reputation with past clients, the best way to do this is through scheduling a consultation either in-person or via video chat with them. This will give you the chance to see how he approaches his cases as well as discuss candidly any details surrounding your particular case.

At this point, it would also be wise to inquire as to the frequency with which he takes cases all the way through trial. Insurance companies track which attorneys settle out-of-court and may offer more favorable settlement offers from attorneys willing to go all the way into a court battle.

Experience is of utmost importance when selecting a trial attorney. Look for someone with a successful track record in court who exudes confidence, as this decision could have long-term ramifications on your life. Take the time to research carefully before making this essential choice.


Many individuals worry about the costs associated with hiring a trial attorney. While hourly rates may be more costly for trial lawyers than other types, other costs should also be taken into account. During a trial, attorneys cannot take on other cases or answer calls or meet clients. Thus their opportunity costs increase substantially.

Trial attorneys often have experience working with your assigned judge and will understand his or her approach to pretrial motions and evidence requirements, providing them with an advantage when it comes to settlement negotiations. A great trial attorney will fight hard on your behalf for fair compensation for injuries suffered – building credibility within the courtroom can often prompt insurance companies to increase settlement offers significantly.


Selecting an attorney can be one of the most crucial decisions of your life. While there may be hundreds of lawyers listed in your phone book, not all will have the experience needed to fight for your rights in court. For optimal results, look for trial attorneys with proven courtroom success and choose those with proven expertise and strong track records in court cases.

Effective trial attorneys establish credibility with all parties involved, from judges to opposing counsel. They understand how to speak civilly in the courtroom without resorting to intimidation or anger tactics and possess the confidence needed to handle any situation that arises during their cases.

Consider their track record, local expert knowledge and relationships with judges when selecting your trial attorney. A strong rapport between judge and lawyer could speed up pretrial motions and evidence issues more quickly; more credibility means better chances for settlement before going to trial.

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