Case types that commonly result in personal injury claims


Nearly 100 million individuals seek emergency medical attention each year for an unintentional injury, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Given the complexity and fragility of the human body, many of these injuries are the result of other people’s negligence. Personal injury claims can take many different forms, and there are numerous sorts of damages that can result from personal injury. For information about legal proceedings, contact experienced Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys.

How Do Personal Injury Cases Work?

When someone is harmed because of the negligence of another, a personal injury action is brought. Negligence, a legal term that roughly translates to “carelessness,” is the most common form of this wrongdoing. In other cases, the negligence claim is the result of recklessness, a more serious type that, for instance, includes driving while inebriated.

A “road rage” event serves as a good example of the third mental state linked to personal injury: purposeful wrongdoing.

Several hundred dollars is the most that a minor personal injury claim would be worth. The most expensive personal injury lawsuits can have dozens or even hundreds of victims and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. The majority of personal injury lawsuits, however, fall in the middle between these two scenarios.

Personal Injury Claim Types: 7 of the Most Popular

The majority of personal injury claims fall under one of the seven major categories of personal injury cases listed below. The sorts of personal injuries are listed below in no particular order. These are not all of them.

  • Automobile collisions. One of the most prevalent categories of personal injury litigation involves auto accidents. These personal injury claims could also be divided further into the following subtypes:
  • Automobile mishaps The most frequent single kind of personal injury claims may include auto accidents.
  • Motorcycle collisions. Accidents involving motorcycles frequently result in severe injuries.
  • Trucking mishaps. Commercial truckers are routinely covered by insurance, despite the fact that truck accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Pedestrian mishaps Urban locations are where pedestrian accidents happen most frequently. Claims of wrongful death are frequent. 
  • Uber/Lyft mishaps. Accidents involving rideshare services are on the rise. Uber and Lyft employees often have comprehensive insurance.

Medical negligence

Medical malpractice is when a healthcare professional, usually a doctor, causes harm to a patient by providing subpar medical care. Examples comprise:

  • surgical blunder;
  • Misdiagnosis;
  • a serious ailment not being properly diagnosed;
  • incorrect prescribing
  • other mistakes that could happen.

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