Can You Sue The Catering Company For Ruining Your Grand Opening Party?

Can You Sue The Catering Company For Ruining Your Grand Opening Party?

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You trusted the catering company to deliver on its promise of excellent food and multiple guests at your grand opening party became ill. You tried explaining to the attendees that you had nothing to do with food preparation, yet the only thing those affected seem to care about is keeping business away from your establishment. They deem you as an incompetent owner for hiring such a lousy catering company. It may be time to consider suing for damages brought to your establishment because of such negligence.

Can you sue those spreading negativity?

You technically do not have a case against individuals who share their experience at your grand opening party. They are, after all, victims telling others how they fell ill while supporting your business venture.

It is certainly true that the caterer is not connected to your business. Thus, everything party-goers are publishing via verbal and written reviews may not be true. It would be rather difficult, though, to provide clear evidence of individuals intentionally working to ruin your company based on false allegations if those speaking ill of your business stayed with the fact of sickness related to eating bad food at your party.

Can you sue the caterer?

You may not be able to pursue a lawsuit for those spreading bad press about your company. You may, however, be able to bring up a personal injury case against the catering company responsible for the negative backlash.

The catering company promised excellent food. Such a guarantee made them responsible for the care of individuals eating their dishes. The catering company failed to deliver on its promise of good food, which makes it liable for negligence.

How to go about suing for damages

The first thing you should do when considering a personal injury lawsuit is to contact a lawyer. Personal injury cases are not cut-and-dry. The burden of proof lies solely on the plaintiff to provide substantial evidence that clearly shows the defendant’s failure.

Providing receipts that show you paid the caterer along with contracts that establish the agreement is just the beginning to being successful. You also need to furnish proof of the problem.

Showing documentation of negative reviews related to bad food at your grand opening is not enough to win a personal injury case. You also need to show how the negative reviews have impacted business. Presenting reduction in traffic and, thus revenue, because of the reviews is essential to building a solid case.

How can a lawyer help?

A good personal injury lawyer does due diligence with regard to research. He, or she, leaves no stone unturned and ensures a case is crystal clear. A lawyer understands there is no room for guessing in personal injury. Thus, he or she does not rely on the judge to put the pieces of the puzzle together. He or she instead puts the puzzle together for the judge and presents a whole picture of the situation.

The catering company that promised you excellence and failed to deliver should not get away with its negligence. You should gather all your information and contact a personal injury lawyer today for help.

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