Best Criminal Defense Attorneys In San Diego


Getting a good enough Criminal Defense Attorney San Diego is not that easy. The area is filled with several lawyers whose credentials are not up to the mark. With a rise in criminal activities, especially in the past few decades, having a good lawyer is a necessity. We have prepared a list of the best possible options that you can go for in case you need a criminal lawyer in this city.

Blair Defense

Blair Defense provides Legal Representation to their clients since the year 2013. Their clients include both individuals and corporations. They handle cases related to several areas like domestic violence, offenses related to driving, assault, Financial and non-financial frauds to name a few. They have a reputation for assisting their clients through the entire legal process and its complexities.

Duane Morris LLP

Duane Morris LLP has several offices within and outside the United States. They provide their services to several organizations as well as individuals in both state and federal courts. Their area of expertise is related to offenses committed in the field of business. They have also assisted their clients in several corporate investigations in cases of fraud, taxation liability, or breach of government regulations among other areas.

Griffin Law Office, APC

This Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego is known for their solid reputation and work record. They offer free consultation and are primarily known for handling cases related to business fraud, juvenile offenses, and serious federal crimes like domestic violence or assault. Their Attorney Patrick Griffin is a decorated lawyer with memberships in esteemed law associations.

HHJ Trial Attorneys

This law firm derives its expertise from handling criminal defense-related cases. They provide services both in English and Spanish languages. They deal with corporate clients on a regular basis and their area of specialty includes cases on workers compensation, personal injury incidents, driving offenses and representing their clients following arrests, and taking care of legal hassles.

Law Office Of David P. Shapiro

One of the most reputed criminal law firms in San Diego; they take up cases related to violent crimes, driving-related offenses, accidents, and federal crimes among others. They are open throughout the day and they have also been honored with the Special Board Of Directors’ Award from the San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association in the year 2018 for their commendable work in the field of criminal defense.


Anyone who lives around san Diego will be aware of the crime rates in this area. Both white-collar and blue-collar crimes have escalated dramatically in the last few years. We hope that our list of best criminal defense attorneys including in San Diego will help you or someone you know in case you are looking for credible legal representation.

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