A scoring system called GAF or Global Assessment of Functioning was designed for professionals to assess the daily functioning of a person suffering from mental issues. It is a scale used to measure the psychiatric illness impact on the patient’s daily functional abilities and skills. The scores range between 0 […]

Self-governing body, Law Society of Ontario has the responsibility of regulating the professional conduct of the lawyers transparently and efficiently. As public interest is of utmost importance, complaints can be filed against the lawyers by members of the public. In the case of a complaint being filed against you, Professional […]

 Are you involved in a business dispute? Experiencing a separation in marriage? Did you get injured in a car crash? All these are circumstances where it may be necessary to look for a litigation attorney. Before we go into details of the best time to get a litigation lawyer, let […]

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but it may occur sometimes that the relationships have to pass through ups and downs. There are many reasons for the differences which develop between the two partners. These are the issues related to infidelity, financial problems, and misunderstanding which happens […]

Have been you been subjected to employment discrimination? If so, you must know your rights. Depending on how complex your case is, hiring the services of an experienced employment lawyer can be crucial to the success to get a successful outcome. Your attorney will determine if you have a possible […]