Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce


Are you ready to file for divorce? If so, you may hire an attorney and begin the process. However, are you looking for a way to make the process easier?

If your answer to this is “yes,” you should consider filing for an uncontested divorce Tampa. With this type of divorce, you do not have to have a lawyer (but you can), and the process is usually more affordable. Keep reading to learn about the specific benefits of filing for an uncontested divorce.

Reduced Fees and Costs

An uncontested divorce is resolved in private. Usually, you do not have to have a lawyer. You and your spouse must come to agreements, on your own, regarding your affairs. If you find communication is challenging between you and your partner, then hiring a mediator may be necessary. This is still a more affordable option than a traditional divorce.

Confidentiality and Privacy

While your negotiation settlements are filed with the court once you are finished with all the terms, it is not necessary for all the things you decide to be put into the public record. Only the statements you file with the court will be accessible by the public. This means you can keep some terms between you and your spouse.

A Faster Process

With an uncontested divorce, it shows you care about your personal dignities. You can eliminate the fighting that may otherwise occur at the end of a marriage. Unlike other divorces, when your lawyer or court has to intervene, uncontested divorces are faster and easier. You get to decide all the conditions and layout the terms related to ending your marriage. Also, it is clear this divorce option is faster because you do not have to wait to have a court appearance scheduled, which may take months or longer.

No Hard Feelings

During an uncontested divorce, you negotiate the terms of your divorce. This means you can work with your spouse to come to an arrangement that works for you both. Also, when you can talk things out, hard feelings will be minimized.

If you are filing for divorce, an uncontested divorce is one of the best options. This will let you enjoy the benefits offered by handling things on your own and avoiding the stress of having to go to court. If you do need help or guidance, contact an attorney. They can help guide you down the right path.

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