4 Ways To Help a Friend During a Time of Crisis


When trouble hits, people can struggle emotionally and physically. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or facing a traumatic change, breaking a routine or normalcy is hard. As a good friend, you may be watching on the sideline, wondering how you can help. There are ways to lend support without overstepping. Consider the following four things.

1. Practice Active Listening

During hardships, friends may retreat, remaining silent and holding in feelings. This decision could lead to further mental anguish or isolation. Holding things in could be because they don’t know how to open up or they could be scared to hear other people’s opinions. If this is the case, be ready to listen to friends and be clear that you are not there to judge.

As your friend shares stories or concerns, repeat what you have heard and respond with details of what they said. These actions show you are listening but are not adding in your two cents.

2. Support Positive Choices

Sometimes, when life takes a turn for the worse, people make poor decisions to cope with the pain or struggles. They may seek refuge in poor habits such as eating unhealthy food or drinking too much alcohol. Encourage other things by offering to get together and dine somewhere with nutritious options. Invite your friend somewhere that doesn’t involve alcohol, showing them that happiness doesn’t have to be found in a bottle.

What about those waiting for court cases? If your loved one is out on Lancaster County Bail Bonds, making smart decisions is essential to maintaining freedom and having a good presence in court. Model positive behavior.

3. Surprise Them With Something They Love

Sad and lost times may require a bit of cheer and happiness. Think about things that boost morale and mood, especially for your friend. Try to bring a bit of happiness back. While you cannot make the sadness go away, a floral arrangement, a special book or gift basket may be a nice way to say we love you and are here for you.

4. Stand By Them

Difficult decisions such as divorce or loss may lead people away from their habits or interests. In fact, people could detour from their normal behaviors. Stick with them.

A crisis isn’t simple to overcome, but with a friend’s help, it could be a bit easier. You don’t have to sit back and witness the event. Instead, be there to listen and offer support.

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