4 Little-Known Facts About Bail Bonds


Most people know the basics of bail bonds—they can be used to get a loved one out of jail if they do not have the money for bail. Regardless of your experience with bail, here are four little-known facts to keep in mind should you ever require a bond.

Paying Full Bail Isn’t Always Wise

Even if you have the money to pay the full bail amount, this isn’t always the best financial decision. Paying a bail bond agent PA is the better solution because it only requires you to pay a portion of what is owed. If you pay the bail in full and neglect to get a bond, you lose all of your money and no refund is given if your loved one misses a court date or other requirements set by the judge.

Bonds Aren’t Available Everywhere

Depending on where you live, a bail bond may not be an option. Currently, bonds are not available in eight states: Nebraska, Kentucky, Illinois, Maine, Oregon, and a few others. These states offer alternatives for defendants to get out of jail, so if your friend is in legal trouble in any of these places, you will need to look into what other options for release may be available.

A Bounty Hunter Can Come After You

If you try to run or get out of your court dates, a bounty hunter can cross state lines to come after you. They can also enter a home without a warrant (unlike police officers), so take your bail seriously and do not make any silly mistakes. This may seem unrealistic and straight out of the movies, but it is a chance that you should not take.

The Court Date May Be Just the Beginning

Some people think that they are home free once the court appearance is over. However, for many defendants, hard work is required once they are released from jail. They may have multiple court dates to attend which also could require them to stay in the state until the proceedings have ended. They may also have to complete drug, alcohol, or anger management courses before they are officially released from probation. Be sure that you fully understand what is required once you have left the courthouse.

Bail bonds are fairly straightforward, but there are some intricacies that should be understood. Remember these simple facts if you ever require a bond and you’ll have a positive experience.

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