4 Kinds of Cases a Personal Injury Attorney Handles


Among the numerous lawyer specialties, one of the most commonly utilized and recognized types of lawyers is the personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys are considered civil litigators and work to represent individuals who have suffered some form physical or mental damage that is the result of another party’s actions. If you have ever watched television, you have probably seen commercials for personal injury attorneys like those at Saeedian Law Group, usually in regards to automotive accidents. However, though personal injury attorneys do handle cases involving automobile accidents, they also handle many other types of cases as well. Here are four types of cases a personal injury attorney can handle.

1. Accidents Involving Automobiles

As mentioned above, personal injury attorneys commonly handle cases involving car accidents. They help those involved in such accidents deal with insurance. One way they do so is by helping the client understand what their policy entitles them to and making sure they receive that full amount. They also help the client fight against the insurance company when the company refuses to pay out the full policy amount or tries to pin blame on the client to avoid paying out. Personal injury attorneys also help determine the guilty party in a multiple party case where liability is unclear, as well as protecting the client against any problems like counterclaims.

2. Accidents Involving the Workplace

Another area in which personal injury attorneys are trained to work is work related injuries. This includes accidents or illness that takes place in the workplace that are a direct or indirect result of the employer’s negligence, decisions or actions. A personal injury attorney can make sure the employer is held liable and that the employee understands and received the workers’ compensation benefits he or she is entitled to. The attorney can also help the employee in the case that a doctor labels him or her as having reached maximum medical improvement.

3. Accidents Involving Someone Else’s Pets

If a pet owner’s irresponsibility or negligence is directly or indirectly responsible for you incurring an injury, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you hold the pet owner liable for medical bills. Such injuries may includes bites or scratches requiring emergency room care.

4. Accidents Involving Defective Products

In the case that you suffer a severe or debilitating injury due to an accident involving a defect in a product that you were not previously aware of or warned about, a personal injury attorney can help you hold the company that produced the product accountable for injuries. A personal injury attorney can make sure you are not saddled with medical debt that is the fault of the company’s negligence.

These are only a few of the many kinds of cases a personal injury attorney is qualified to handle. Pretty much any situation that involves you receiving psychological or physical injuries where the injuries are not your fault is a situation where a personal injury attorney can help. Though you hopefully never suffer such an injury, keep this in mind if you do.

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