4 Common Areas of Personal Injury Needing Legal Counsel


Whether or not you would consider yourself a litigious person, there may have been times in your life when you could have desperately used the services of a personal injury attorney in Irvine. Using an attorney doesn’t mean that you are out to get all the money you can or are taking advantage of a situation. There are several common situations where an injury lawyer can help settle a dispute with an insurance company or third-party over injuries you’ve suffered on someone else’s account. Here are the scenarios where having an attorney can be helpful.

Defective or Malfunctioning Products

It doesn’t matter what kind of quality assurance guarantee you have, a product can malfunction or have a defect that causes an accident. It doesn’t have to be physical harm either. Mental anguish and stress may give you cause to bring a case against the manufacturer. An attorney will be able to assess the nature of the liabilities and which party is to be held responsible. It isn’t normal for a product to create injuries so never discredit an incident as being typical or commonplace.

Food Poisoning

Anytime you eat away from home, there is the risk of encountering bad food or tainted food. You could have this same situation as home, as food that you purchased could have spoiled or been package with bacteria in it. Food poisoning can lead to violent illness, causing you to lose time from work and potentially incur bills from medical attention. A lawyer can help you recoup lost wages or the money spend on a hospital visit or doctor’s appointment. Depending on how you fell ill, a restaurant, food processing plant, or store could be responsible.

Dog Bites or Attacks

Dog bites aren’t just something that delivery drivers and mail carriers fear. Even if you stick to the sidewalk and avoid trespassing on someone else’s property, a dog may not be kept on a leash and is able to attack you. Dog bites are serious concerns, and it is worth calling an attorney. If it is a vicious dog breed, you may be required by law to report the incident to local authorities. Legal counsel will advise you on whether it is profitable and effective to take action against the dog’s owner.

Automotive Accident

It is easy to assume that your insurance will take care of your medical needs if you get into a car accident. Though you may have a strong policy, if you aren’t at fault for the accident, you may be entitled to compensation and reimbursement from the other driver’s insurance. Car accidents can be complex, as a minor bump could cause serious pain. The other company isn’t going to take care of you like they will their own client, but an attorney will help you take the appropriate legal action against a company that is refusing to fairly settle a claim.

There are many other situations of injury where you would be best served by calling for legal help. The burden of proof and establishing liability are complex issues that a lawyer knows how to address.

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