3 Great Reasons To Use Bond Instead of Cash Bail


After an arraignment, many people have the choice between bond or cash bail. It’s not always up to you or your family, because sometimes the judge does mandate one or the other for various reasons. Most of the time, though, the choice is up to the defendant, the amount is not. If you are wondering whether to put up cash for bail or to call for bail bonds Harrisburg PA, it is worth considering these top reasons people choose bond over bail.

1. Bonds Often Save Time

Bail is often set at a high number even when the charge is relatively minor. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including the political climate at the time of the arraignment. That is unfortunate, but as a result, pulling together all the funds needed to post bail can take some time. This is especially true if it is outside business hours. Bonds, by contrast, cost just about 10% of the cash bail amount. While this amount is a fee and not refundable after the case concludes, it is often much easier to pull together a fraction of the bail amount on short notice.

2. Increased Job Security for Defendants

If putting together the bail amount takes several days, it can endanger one’s place in a job. Sometimes, just finding out an employee will miss work due to an arrest is enough for an at-will employer to move on. Bond can be posted within hours after arraignment, putting defendants back at home and work where they can continue to pay the bills and continue making progress on their financial goals. In today’s unstable work climate, it helps to make sure life’s other obstacles don’t impact your employment.

3. Meet Family Obligations

Child care and support is difficult whether you co-parent within the same household or separately. For those who are needed to provide child care in the household, lengthy time in jail also means separation from loved ones who depend on your care and comfort. When you co-parent through a shared custody arrangement, the inability to be there during your custodial time can mean reopening the custody case. That is never a good thing, even when the end result is no change.

4. Prepare for Your Case

The defendants who have the best outcomes are the ones that are able to work most closely with defense attorneys throughout the case. That is a lot easier when you are at home and working. Not only does the lack of financial stress leave a lot more brain space to consider options and sort evidence, it also makes it easier to afford the attorney you most prefer for the kind of case at hand. That is essential to a truly great defense.

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